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Potential Solutions for Affordable Vancouver Housing

by Bevony on 11 November 2021 Comments Off on Potential Solutions for Affordable Vancouver Housing

The current housing market in Vancouver is unbalanced, to say the least. As such, it is our opinion that the government needs to be more inventive with their policies. We need to now, more than ever, tackle the problem of housing affordability head-on. It’s not just about increasing the supply of housing, it is also about ensuring that the supply of houses is also affordable. 

Negative Impacts of an Unbalanced Housing Market

The main problem with an unbalanced housing market is that it will destabilize the economy. Housing prices have a huge impact on residential investment. With a disruption in the global supply chain, materials have become harder to source and delivery times have become longer. Companies are having to find alternatives which are often more expensive. This is also causing an increase in prices for building a new home. 

What Needs to Be Done 

Upcoming housing developments should include a full range of homes for different income groups. While there is no silver bullet, this can make a big enough difference. Building from the ground up can be done to ensure that people from every income bracket have a fair chance to access homeownership. This is where Silverbeam Homes comes in. We can help you create a home that meets your needs while keeping you within the budget you can afford. It is important to come with an open mind. Contact us and let us sit down and work something out. Your dream of homeownership may not be so far fetched. Give us a call today!

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