Will building on my own help me to save money?

The truth is, building your home on your own will not allow you to see the types of savings you are hoping for. Many lenders often deter persons from building their own homes by having rules against lending to persons who are going to be building their first home by themselves. Building your home yourself can also be stressful with all the tasks necessary to get the permits and complying with the latest BC building code to get your construction off the ground. There are also legal implications to not ensuring that you are following BC Housing and respective city rules for building your home.

Our recommendation is to contact us and let us offer you a consultation appointment. You can sit down with us and tell us your needs and let us draft up something that will meet your housing needs as well as your budget. This way you don’t have to worry about all the little intricate details of getting a house off the ground and complete.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we do offer a 2-5-10 home warranty! There is a 10-year structural warranty along with a 5-year water penetration warranty and inside the home gets a 2-year limited warranty as well. You will also be backed by Pacific Home Warranty for this.

Contact us today so we can give you more information on our home warranty offerings.

Are your home’s energy efficient?

Yes, we offer energy efficient homes. We offer homes with 2×6 exterior walls, dual pane vinyl windows, R-50 blow in fiberglass insulated ceilings, R-23 blow-in fiberglass insulated walls and offer 95% efficient furnace. This is just the standard we can offer much more to you if you need more efficiency.

Make an appointment for a consultation and let us know your needs so we can design a customized plan for your future home.

Do you have existing plans I can choose from if I don’t want a custom design and will this help me to save money?

We do have plans that you can choose from. However, you may not end up saving if you choose from a set plan. Basically, when you choose a stock home you may be paying for square footage that you don’t end up using because it doesn’t meet your needs. Whereas when you choose a custom plan you only pay for the space that you need, space that you will love and space that your family will enjoy.

So unless the stock homes meet all the needs of your family and have no additions that won’t be used by you then you are not going to see savings by choosing from a stock home design.