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Make the Most of your Backyard Space

by Bevony on 27 August 2021 Comments Off on Make the Most of your Backyard Space

Owning a home nowadays means a lot more than it used to for many people. Now in 2021 in this global pandemic more people are staying at home and need their homes to do more for them. Those who can afford to spruce up their existing spaces are opting for backyard cottages and stylish sheds. With more people working from home, there are also backyard offices being built. Many homeowners are trying to implement that vacation at home feeling with a separate space in their backyard. 

Sounds like a good idea you think…. But I don’t own a home and with this market I don’t see how I can become a homeowner right now. What if we could help? And yes we can. Here at Silver Beam Homes we can build you a home from the ground up. This allows you the ability to create all the features that will work just right to meet the needs of your family and lifestyle. 

We know more people are working from home with many others with hybrid schedules and we can expect this to continue for some time to come. So you are not the only person with an increased interest in making better use of their homes’ living spaces. We all want to be comfortable at home and want to live in homes that are functional enough to accommodate our current lifestyles. 

Homes are now offices and classrooms, fitness centers, rehearsal spaces among other things. With so many things happening in the home it can become easily overwhelming. The backyard gives you a place to create your very own space for whatever task you need some quiet and solitude for. 

Ways to Improve Your Backyard Space

Add a Pergola 

Pergolas have become very popular this year. They are super easy and quite an affordable addition to your backyard. They create some amount of shade and can give you the feeling of an outdoor room. 

The pergola will frame the space and create a distinct architectural element in your backyard. It is a space where you can add furnishings suitable for outdoor use that can still serve you in terms of functionality. Add accent pillows, furnishings blankets and even a weather resistant area rug to create an outdoor living or working space that is comfortable and inviting. 

If you have an elevated deck and can take advantage of the added space underneath this may be able to serve you even better. Just be sure to have good drainage so you will always have a nice, dry area to work with. You can use the space for entertaining, working out or other day to day activities. 

Add a Pool/Spa Like Features

We also see where more people are demanding residential pools, water or spa like features for their backyards. This may be due to the many travel restrictions that have been placed on us. Now people want to bring that fun or relaxation into their backyards since they can not take trips. People are installing pools, ponds, hot tubs and other water features in their backyards to help create their own little solace at home. 

To make it more spa-like you can add plumped pillows, plush towels and modern deck railings to your outside water area if you choose to add one. Find inspiration from images of upscale restaurants and hotels to see how you can create a luxurious looking and feeling space. 

DIY Projects 

There are a lot of DIY projects that homeowners are attempting nowadays as well. With the help of sites like YouTube which offer ideas, before and after videos and how to videos, there are several projects you can undertake by yourself. Industry experts expect this DIY repair and home project trend to keep shifting upwards for the long term. 

Add a Deck 

Decking is always a good idea when you are looking to improve your home’s outdoor space. Not only does it improve your space but also increases the square footage of your home. Just remember to use the best materials when creating your decking. 

Start a Vegetable Garden 

If you are concerned about reducing your food bill you can start a vegetable garden. You can add some flowers too if you want to beautify the space. If you need to add some privacy you can even build a plant wall. This can include fresh herbs or flowers in planter boxes creating a vertical wall to keep intrusive eyes out. If it’s in the budget you can add a drip irrigation system so you can spend less time caring for the plants and more time enjoying your new space. 

Add Some Lattice Work 

Lattice work is another great option to help you create some privacy in your backyard or to create hidden storage areas. 

Other Considerations for Setting Up an Outdoor Space

Whatever you plan to do outside, you want to ensure that you have good lighting. This will ensure you can spend more time outside. Nowadays you don’t have to stick to just doing daylight hours outside. Thanks to many lighting options you can have lighting in your backyard that won’t do too much damage to your pockets. You can find a number of plug-and-play outdoor lighting solutions using energy efficient technology so you don’t have to worry about installation costs or high energy bills after the fact. 

Improving on What You Already Have

If you want to just accomplish the simple task of improving your home’s current curb appeal you can start by replacing deck railings. This is an easy task to help you elevate a look. Replace old wood deck railings with sophisticated aluminum railing options. 

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BevonyMake the Most of your Backyard Space

Active Outdoor Living – the New Focus of Housing Developers

by Bevony on 20 August 2021 Comments Off on Active Outdoor Living – the New Focus of Housing Developers

Developers are finding new ways to make their developments more attractive to buyers. In our current situation with the pandemic which seems like it will be looming for a while, there is really no telling when life will go back to “normal”. In the meantime we all have to live our lives and try to do things we enjoy keeping our sanity. With many restrictions still in place we have to now be creative about how we spend our free time and what we can do to really “enjoy” ourselves while staying in the confinement of our homes, yards and towns. 

Developers have realized this and they are now implementing more outdoor spaces that embrace and encourage activity. Thinking about swimming pools and saunas? While those are not going away, they aren’t the only ones. We are looking at local farming, dog walking and biking to name a few. 

A number of development projects are currently underway with dedicated outside activities. Some include facilities dedicated to biking while others include studios for people who make TikTok videos, dog-washing stations, farmer’s market and on-site farms. 

Innovations Coming out of Pandemics

Like previous pandemics there are always changes in home design and build. For example, the 1918 flu pandemic initiated the introduction of separate powder rooms. So nowadays we see developers trying to entice buyers with common areas that will allow for more active outdoor living while also facilitating the needs for social distancing. 

Of course not all of these will appeal to everybody and so what if you don’t own a dog or you aren’t into biking?

The Silver Beam Homes Approach 

If your needs are more outside of the box, Silver Beam Homes can help you. We can create a tailored design and home for you that will meet your every need. If you have been looking for a home and haven’t been able to find one on the current market. Let’s talk! We can build your dream home from the ground up. 

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BevonyActive Outdoor Living – the New Focus of Housing Developers

Hope on the Horizon as Prices and Sales of Detached Homes Cool Down

by Bevony on 13 August 2021 Comments Off on Hope on the Horizon as Prices and Sales of Detached Homes Cool Down

As house prices and sales cool down in Metro Vancouver, analysts are left to wonder. Will the usual slow lull of summer along with market fatigue cause a rise in interest rates? It is good news for prices to be falling from the pandemic fueled highs we have been seeing. With housing prices peaking in June and then sliding in July this can be good news for some of the market. The questions on everyone’s mind right now are; how low will this dip go and how long will this lull last? 

Is There a Term for This?

Romana King who looks at market trends says we can consider this to be a seasonal correction. During this time the market is usually closed as many people are going on vacation and spending time with their children. People are traveling and so the real estate market is slowing down. So this is not an abnormal trend, nor is it unique to the pandemic situation. 

With the fact that there are still many restrictions around the world, we haven’t normalized yet. Once immigration restarts we will see an increase in demand. But with higher mortgage rates this may also cause a decrease in the demand soon afterwards. 

Bloomberg Mid-June Economic Rankings

Canada was ranked as one of the world’s top markets in mid June along with countries such as Sweden and New Zealand. The main factors affecting price according to the report were;

What We’ve Been Dealing With So Far

  • Limited inventory
  • Low interest rates
  • Buyers tapping into their savings
  • Everyone’s expectations for a strong recovery of the economy. 

We have seen Vancouver detached home listings falling to their lowest in 20 years. We are looking for a rebound in listings after the summer. But we are also seeing a trend of homeowners hoarding their properties in an aim to refinance them. They do this, so they can make down payments on other properties on the market. 

We can assume the average sales prices will fall next year by an average of 13% but that by 2023 interest rates could increase due to immigration and fear of missing out. 

What Can You Do? 

What do you want to do? Do you want to hope and wait it out? There is another option! Get us to build you your dream home. We are in the business of making your dream home a reality, and we can offer help and guidance along the way. If we ever hit a roadblock where we can’t directly help, we can direct you to a partner who can help you cross that hurdle as we all work together to bring you home. Contact us today, let’s help you become a homeowner!

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BevonyHope on the Horizon as Prices and Sales of Detached Homes Cool Down