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Lumber Prices Increase as Storm Blocks Roads and Rails in British Columbia

by Bevony on November 19, 2021 No comments

Canada’s largest port located in Vancouver is currently stranded with no access to rail cars and trucks. These are what move goods, including lumber, out of the region. Many roads have been washed out and rail tracks are locked in the westernmost province. As such, key lumber supplies are at risk of being stuck. This while many home builders were just piling-up materials to ensure supply. This not only affects us here, but also affects the entire North America, which gets approximately 14% of their lumber from British Columbia. 

With the risk of no movement for lumber many mills are increasing their prices. What is worse is, it is not the first time that rail tracks have been blocked in British Columbia in the past five months. Previous damage caused by wildfires and a record heat wave during the summer months of 2021. 

This time of year usually sees lumber prices rising as builders start to accrue materials for spring season building. This is usually their peak season. The market saw a strong start to the week but with the rail issue there is now a frenzy. On Thursday, the B.C government closed all Forest Service roads.  

What Is Being Done to Remedy the Situation?

While crews are working to clear the roadways after mudslides the railway tracks are being repaired. There may be the option to transport lumber and supplies through Albreta but this all depends on where the lumber company is located.


BevonyLumber Prices Increase as Storm Blocks Roads and Rails in British Columbia

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