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by Bevony on 20 March 2019 Comments Off on Laneway Homes

In recent times Laneway homes have increased in popularity across the west coast of Canada and very much so in the Vancouver area. The name “Laneway” is derived from the position of the home. These homes are built on an existing lot on the back portion of the lot in the backyard area of your single family home so they open on the back lane. Because of their position on a lot with another building they tend to be smaller homes. These are currently largely popular in Vancouver but they are increasing in other dense Canadian cities as well. Also their size has been increasing as well.

A Brief History on Laneway Homes in Vancouver

Laneway Homes was introduced as a way to increase the city’s density by Mayor Sam Sullivan as a part of his EcoDensity initiative. He wanted to retain the single family feel of certain neighborhoods while increasing city density and thus the first Laneway Home was constructed in 2009 under the Laneway House Bylaw. This first house featured 710 square feet and was built on a lot measuring 33 by 122 feet. The home featured a single outside parking space. Though the house was built in 2009, it did not receive an occupancy permit from the city of Vancouver until May of the next year. In 2012 another milestone was reached when the first “net-zero” solar powered Laneway Home was built.

The rules governing the construction of Laneway homes were updated in July of 2013. This update in the rules made it easier for the building of one story laneway homes and also the use of garages to address the concerns about parking that arose.

The Affordability of Laneway Homes

One of the most significant advantages of a Laneway home is their affordability. Because of the large population in Vancouver affordability of housing is a very important issue. At present, the EcoDensity Charter is not applicable in Vancouver. The council is currently updated to strategies and initiatives for Greenest City status and affordability. There is still the need to increase housing while ensuring that housing prices are being moderated and now with the Green initiative there is also the need to ensure that living, energy and transportation costs are kept at an affordable level.

Building Laneway Homes at SilverBeam Homes

If you are interested in adding a Laneway house to your existing property, we can help you make that a reality. Contact us now so we can help you draw up a plan, we can provide you with a custom home that meets all your individual needs while providing these services at a price to fit your budget.

If you are considering a Laneway House but are a bit scared of the idea of living in a small home we can help you see how you can have all your needs met within a small space such as you are presented with when it comes to a Laneway House. Let us help you, call us today so we can set up a consultation to help determine what the bet route will be for meeting your needs of building a new home.

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