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We’re in the Business of Efficient Buildings

by Bevony on 28 March 2019 Comments Off on We’re in the Business of Efficient Buildings

Vancouver is trying to make it with the Greenest City Action Plan. And as we all strive to make this a reality, here at SilverBeams is no different. We strive to do everything we can do as we build homes for you and your family members with the latest technologies and products to help enhance efficiency while ensuring your comfort.

There are a couple ways we can provide you with a more efficient home. And one such way is in the materials that we chose to use in the creation of your home. Today we want to shed some light on what those materials are and how they do make your home more efficient.

In December the city made it mandatory that all builders provide the most efficient homes they could possible supply to the market. We decided we wanted to go the extra mile and make some additional effort to make homes even more efficient than the baseline. the result is not just a more efficient home, but also a healthier home to raise your children, a more comfortable home and a home that will be more affordable to heat during the winter months and more affordable to cool during the summer months.

The regulation that brings this all to life is the BC Energy Step Code. Why is it called the step code? Because it is made up of groups of measurable goals that are grouped in a “staircase” structure which we builders will have to comply with over time. There are five steps for homes and these need to be applied to new homes over time, one step at a time. Some parts of the city of Vancouver are already mandating step 3 for new homes.

Demand is growing and we have heard you the home buyers on the market. we hear you want more efficient homes and we understand all the reasons why. A recent survey of homebuyers preferences revealed that Canadian homebuyers are in the market for homes that feature high-efficiency windows, energy efficient appliances, heat recovery ventilation and overall energy efficiency among other features.

We realize that our customers are educated and know all the benefits of choosing energy efficient homes and lowering their bills. Here at SilverBeam Homes, we know what you want and we want to build that home for you. We offer a number of different options for meeting your specific needs as a home buyer. We want to help you build a healthier home, a better-built home, a more comfortable home. Let us get you started on the journey to owning your home. Give us a call today and set up a consultation.

Want to know more about what we offer before you call? Go ahead and check our process! We are waiting to hear from you.

BevonyWe’re in the Business of Efficient Buildings