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How to Style Shelves the Professional Way

by Bevony on 14 July 2021 Comments Off on How to Style Shelves the Professional Way

Have some shelves in your home you need to add some style to? Considering your layout options? The first tip we have for you is to be patient. You want to get it done the right way, gather your items, lay them all out and try different variations before you settle on a final place for each item. Here’s a couple things you can use to jazz up your shelves;

  • Family antiques
  • Framed photos 
  • Mementos that tell a story 
  • Souvenirs from vacation 

Storage is an issue for a lot of families in Vancouver, especially in current situations where we are all spending more time at home than usual. If your shelves can accommodate storage solutions this will be a great addition to your shelving. You don’t have to go out and purchase storage solutions if you have decorative boxes lying around, these can be used. 

Before You Get Overwhelmed

We understand it can be overwhelming to consider styling your home yourself. As a result many people simply default to the necessities. We don’t recommend this, we recommend embracing your home and all its nicks and knacks that make it yours. Don’t be afraid to at least try. 

You may have an idea in mind that doesn’t quite translate into real life. After stepping back and examining what you have and tweaking it from there to get it looking its best. You don’t want to give up and leave your space undesigned and feeling cold. 

Once you have some items in place that you took from around your home, you can start sourcing items outside of your home that can enhance your current setup. 

Play with Height and Angles

When adding things to your shelves you want to play with height and angles. If your shelves are customizable then you can change the heights of the shelves. When you are working with fixed shelves then you want to play around with the height of the items you have to display on the shelves. 

If you have a slanted higher shelf you can play with larger picture frames or coffee table books. If you have deeper set shelves you can use vessels and objects. When using books, remove the glossy covers and allow the matte fabric-bound covers to shine through. This will give a more elevated and tonal feel to the space. 

What About Open Shelving?

Open shelving is very popular but open shelving doesn’t have to mean empty shelving. Use your shelves to display functional items, pretty items or a mixture of both. This goes for free-standing cabinets as well. The latter though gives you a lot more flexibility especially if you are not yet a homeowner and ever have the need to move. 

Repeating Colors

When you repeat colors throughout shelves, this makes for a great look. It provides balance to the overall look of the shelves. In addition to colors you can add some hints of black to the shelves to provide an anchoring effect. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Shelves

Using too many small items is one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to decorate their shelves. When you have too many small items your shelves can look cluttered or these smaller items can get lost easily. If you are using small items, try to group them in groups of three or stack them on books, so they can get some additional visual weight. You may have heard of the “rule of three” which advises that items arranged in odd numbers tend to be more appealing than those items that are arranged in even numbers. This rule is not a new one, it is often used by stylists and designers and has been used for years to create effortlessly cool spaces. 

When you are done following these tips and tricks, stand back from  your shelves, take a couple pictures and then view them from your phone. Give it some time before you move anything to see if it will grow on you. Let us know how your shelves came out in the comments below. Was it a hit or miss?

BevonyHow to Style Shelves the Professional Way