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Connect to Nature from the Inside

by Bevony on 7 July 2021 Comments Off on Connect to Nature from the Inside

Wait, what!? Yes you read that right. You can connect with nature from the inside and you can do it without taking all the plants inside. If you can’t invest in a front yard or backyard for whatever reason. Then an indoor atrium or courtyard could be just what you need. This is what you can get when you choose to have SilverBeam Homes build your dream home from the ground up. 

Growing Demand for Internal Courtyards and Atriums

We are seeing a lot of interest in internal courtyards and atria in home designs. While both of these are old concepts they can apply to modern design and decor. They can give you a connection to nature and quiet solitude.  A courtyard gives you a private space away from the public, your very own piece of mother nature at home. They can be considered spaces of contemplation  where you can go and reflect and embrace your philosophical and existential contemplation right at home. 

Internal courtyards can be landscaped and planted in specific ways to allow you to notice seasonal cycles in the plants. You can also do it so that you can see dew on the leaves, smells, sights when the sun hits certain flowers etc. This helps you to really get an authentic outdoor experience while still inside. And since we are all spending more time at home nowadays it’sa a great way to transform your current home if you are not in the market to build. 

You can use a small space with no need for furniture. They can be placed in an area of the house that you simply move through. You may have glass walls from ceiling to floor and will have access to the plants through a door. 

What if You Can’t Do an Internal Courtyard?

Even if you can’t do a full on internal courtyard you can create an area like this in your current home. All you need to do is identify a sunny place and create your own little indoor garden in that space. This is a great option if you can give over some of your home’s footprint for planting. It doesn’t have to always be about maximizing the use of every square foot in your home for traditional living. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and remember less is more. 

Are you considering building? Why not give us a call? We’d be more than happy to help make your dream of owning a home a reality. Let our team help you make it happen. 

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