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Active Outdoor Living – the New Focus of Housing Developers

by Bevony on 20 August 2021 Comments Off on Active Outdoor Living – the New Focus of Housing Developers

Developers are finding new ways to make their developments more attractive to buyers. In our current situation with the pandemic which seems like it will be looming for a while, there is really no telling when life will go back to “normal”. In the meantime we all have to live our lives and try to do things we enjoy keeping our sanity. With many restrictions still in place we have to now be creative about how we spend our free time and what we can do to really “enjoy” ourselves while staying in the confinement of our homes, yards and towns. 

Developers have realized this and they are now implementing more outdoor spaces that embrace and encourage activity. Thinking about swimming pools and saunas? While those are not going away, they aren’t the only ones. We are looking at local farming, dog walking and biking to name a few. 

A number of development projects are currently underway with dedicated outside activities. Some include facilities dedicated to biking while others include studios for people who make TikTok videos, dog-washing stations, farmer’s market and on-site farms. 

Innovations Coming out of Pandemics

Like previous pandemics there are always changes in home design and build. For example, the 1918 flu pandemic initiated the introduction of separate powder rooms. So nowadays we see developers trying to entice buyers with common areas that will allow for more active outdoor living while also facilitating the needs for social distancing. 

Of course not all of these will appeal to everybody and so what if you don’t own a dog or you aren’t into biking?

The Silver Beam Homes Approach 

If your needs are more outside of the box, Silver Beam Homes can help you. We can create a tailored design and home for you that will meet your every need. If you have been looking for a home and haven’t been able to find one on the current market. Let’s talk! We can build your dream home from the ground up. 

BevonyActive Outdoor Living – the New Focus of Housing Developers