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Laneway Homes

by Bevony on 20 March 2019 Comments Off on Laneway Homes

In recent times Laneway homes have increased in popularity across the west coast of Canada and very much so in the Vancouver area. The name “Laneway” is derived from the position of the home. These homes are built on an existing lot on the back portion of the lot in the backyard area of your single family home so they open on the back lane. Because of their position on a lot with another building they tend to be smaller homes. These are currently largely popular in Vancouver but they are increasing in other dense Canadian cities as well. Also their size has been increasing as well.

A Brief History on Laneway Homes in Vancouver

Laneway Homes was introduced as a way to increase the city’s density by Mayor Sam Sullivan as a part of his EcoDensity initiative. He wanted to retain the single family feel of certain neighborhoods while increasing city density and thus the first Laneway Home was constructed in 2009 under the Laneway House Bylaw. This first house featured 710 square feet and was built on a lot measuring 33 by 122 feet. The home featured a single outside parking space. Though the house was built in 2009, it did not receive an occupancy permit from the city of Vancouver until May of the next year. In 2012 another milestone was reached when the first “net-zero” solar powered Laneway Home was built.

The rules governing the construction of Laneway homes were updated in July of 2013. This update in the rules made it easier for the building of one story laneway homes and also the use of garages to address the concerns about parking that arose.

The Affordability of Laneway Homes

One of the most significant advantages of a Laneway home is their affordability. Because of the large population in Vancouver affordability of housing is a very important issue. At present, the EcoDensity Charter is not applicable in Vancouver. The council is currently updated to strategies and initiatives for Greenest City status and affordability. There is still the need to increase housing while ensuring that housing prices are being moderated and now with the Green initiative there is also the need to ensure that living, energy and transportation costs are kept at an affordable level.

Building Laneway Homes at SilverBeam Homes

If you are interested in adding a Laneway house to your existing property, we can help you make that a reality. Contact us now so we can help you draw up a plan, we can provide you with a custom home that meets all your individual needs while providing these services at a price to fit your budget.

If you are considering a Laneway House but are a bit scared of the idea of living in a small home we can help you see how you can have all your needs met within a small space such as you are presented with when it comes to a Laneway House. Let us help you, call us today so we can set up a consultation to help determine what the bet route will be for meeting your needs of building a new home.

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Green Homes with SilverBeam Homes

by Bevony on 14 March 2019 Comments Off on Green Homes with SilverBeam Homes

As the city of Vancouver strives to create a healthier city for the future generation they have chosen to focus on green buildings, which includes green homes. Under the greenest city goal, the mandate is to “lead the world in green building design and construction.”

This is a mandate that SilverBeam Homes believes to our core and as such we are already urging home buyers to invest in green building technologies and techniques. Our Approach is to offer these types of homes and is always working to improve our operations to ensure that the houses we build now and in the future follow the necessary codes for a greener Vancouver.

Here at SilverBeam Homes, we create homes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. But what exactly does it mean for your home to be green or environmentally friendly? What kinds of materials are used to ensure that a home fits this bill? What makes a green home any different from other homes built years ago?

What Makes a Home Green?

A home that is referred to as “green” is typically also referred to as environmentally friendly or sustainable. These homes are designed and constructed with materials that employ and incorporate strategies, techniques, and technologies that work together to make the home healthier and more energy efficient while not depleting natural resources. The use of sustainable materials during the building process is just one of the aspects of what makes a home “green”. Along with the use of sustainable materials, there is also the way they are used. For a home to be considered green the sustainable materials must be used so that they lower the maintenance costs of the home to ensure that the home is, in fact, a “green” home. The materials help to improve the health and productivity of the occupant while aiding in the conservation of energy. Most often “green” homes offer a greater amount of design flexibility which can benefit both us the builders and the home buyer in creating a customized home.

“Green” Home Description

According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, the best way to describe a green home is;

“…the process by which a healthy, resource efficient home is constructed, renovated, operated, maintained or demolished…”

Let’s Get Specific!

Owners and occupants of green homes get to benefit from their homes in a number of ways. These include!

When you live in a green home you can see;

  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance and Replacements
  • Improved Overall Health

The Green materials used here to build your homes at SilverBeam Homes are:

  • Resource Efficient
  • Help to Improve The Quality of the Air in your Home
  • Energy Efficient
  • Conserve Water
  • Are Affordable
  • Made from Recycled Content
  • Are more Durable than Conventional Counterparts
  • Includes Renewable Content
  • Available Locally

Here at SilverBeam Homes, we are very proud to bring Green Homes to consumers. Let us help you move into your dream Green Home. Contact Us today!

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BevonyGreen Homes with SilverBeam Homes

Best Movers in Vancouver

by Bevony on 4 March 2019 Comments Off on Best Movers in Vancouver

So you’ve you bought your new home and you can’t wait to move in… Move in! Yes, there is that task and sometimes it is quite a tedious one. We want to help make this task a little bit lighter for you and so we have put together a list of some of the best movers in Vancouver. Check out some of these professionals to get you out of your old home and into your new home.

Papa’s Moving

This small family-owned moving company will make your move a little bit easier. They will do small to large moves and do apartments, houses and even business moves. Papa’s Moving will help with your moves in and around the greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Islands, the Gulf Islands, and the Sunshine Coast. They will even coordinate with the ferry schedules. They provide one-day moves as well as two-day moves where they can hold your items overnight.

North Van Mover

This Award Winning Vancouver mover offers full service moving services. They offer a variety of truck sizes to accommodate different moves and are equipped with expert handlers and drivers to ensure that your home goods get to their destination on time and in the same condition they left you in. Not only does this company offer moving services but they also offer packaging if you need it. So whether it be padding, boxes or wardrobe needs that you may have they have you covered. North Van Movers are equipped to take on the unique needs of your home move so get in touch with them so you can start your new life in a new home.

Simple Moves

Simple Moves is another award winning moving company servicing the Vancouver area. This company prides themselves in following strict safety guidelines when moving your items from home to home. They cover your furniture, stair rails etc with blankets to prevent any dents or scratches as they move items throughout the house. They take extreme care in ensuring that your belongings are taken care of in the best way possible. One of the things that set these movers apart is that they offer unlimited wardrobe boxes for your move and will take them away once the unpacking is done. They also offer dismounting and rebuilding services so you can trust them for more than just the transport of your belongings as they can help you at every step of the way. Label all your other boxes and they will place them where they need to go in your new home and even unpack the items for you. With Simple Moves, you build your moving plan os you can get as much taken care of or as little as you can afford, just let them know what you need.

Go Truck Go

Go Truck Go movers specialize in smaller moves of 950 square feet or less. They offer not only moving services but also delivering services and junk removal services as well. This is good since often times when we move we end up with some junk that we won’t be taking to the new home space with us. If you know you will need moving services and junk removal services then this is a great choice for you. Visit their website today to get a free quote to see how much moving with them will cost. They are known for there very affordable moving rates and their speed of service.

Reay’s Moving and Storage

These movers offer local Vancouver moves, island moves as well as they offer storage. It is a family owned business that is locally operated. They have been in operation long enough to know that moves don’t always happen as planned and this is why they offer indoor storage as one of their services. They are open Monday to Saturday and you can easily request a quote online.

Jim’s Moving 

This moving company is located in Burnaby but they offer service into Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast. They offer a free quote on their website and even have prices for standard moving services listed there so you know right away what to expect for your move. Not only does Jim’s moving offer moving services but they also offer TV installations and furniture installation services as well. They have been in the business for more than 20 years so they are a well-experienced team of moving professionals ready to serve you and meet your needs.

BungoBox Vancouver

BungoBox movers offer local and long-distance moves. They offer simple rates up front which are easy to understand and never have any hidden fees. They offer residential moves along with a whole array of other services to meet all the needs that arise when it comes to moving into your new home.

Real Pro Movers

Real Pro Movers is a full service moving company that can help you with a planned move to your new home. They are located in Burnaby and offer billing by the hour to get your job done in the most cost efficient and timely manner. They offer moving packing material as well as different truck sizes to meet your moving needs. They will get you moved in and around Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Okanagan and the Gulf Islands. They have a range of deals happening from time to time so check out their website to see what they have to offer today to help reduce your moving costs while still ensuring a high-quality moving service.

Easy Around Moving

These Vancouver have you covered for your small to medium sized residential moves. They service the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area and have been providing their moving and delivery services to locals for more than seven years to date. This is a small company operated by its owners so you can expect to get friendly and highly personal service here. They will take care of all your needs for moving day thus taking away the stress related to moving. For the past three years Easy Around Moving has won the West Ender best of Vancouver awards so you know they have what it takes to take care of your moving needs.Guys and Dollies  This moving company offers so much more than their names says. Not only do you get the guys and dollies but you get full service moving at an affordable hourly rate. These movers have been at it for over ten years and so they know the ins and outs of moving and all the requirements for transporting your lives from one place to the next. They always like to err on the side of caution and take every precaution to ensure that your belongs are disassembled, packaged, transported and reassembled in the best manner possible. Moving into your new SilverBeam Home can be very exciting as well as it can be very stressful. We provide you with the home of your dreams and we want to help you move into it with as little hassle as possible. Choose one of the above movers to help you get started in your new home with the right pricing and the best service.

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Things to Look for at an Open House

by Bevony on 26 February 2019 Comments Off on Things to Look for at an Open House
Image by paulbr75 on Pixabay Image by paulbr75 on Pixabay

As the home buyer, you may not know that a home inspection doesn’t cover all the things that need to be covered before you select a home. These things while not so obvious can make a big impact on your day to day life in your new home after you pull up the “SOLD” sign and move in.

As your experienced home builders Vancouver we can tell you a thing or two about some of the things you need to look for when you are an Open House. So let’s get into them right away.

  1. Room size – you know your needs more than everybody else. You probably even have your own furniture. You need to make a note of the actual size of rooms to ensure they will meet your living needs. Note that even in a staged house, the space may be too big or too small for your needs so always ask about the size to ensure it will meet your needs.
  2. Flow from Outdoor to Indoor and vice versa – These ease at which you can move from your indoor living space to your outdoor living space and back is of utmost importance. Not having the ease you really want will make your home uncomfortable and we don’t want you to be uncomfortable in your new home by any means.
  3. Floor Plan – as you go through an open house think about your day to day activities and ask yourself how you go through your current space. What are the things you don’t like about your current space and does this house offer a better flow?
  4. The grade of the lot – Is the open house situated on a flat piece of land or is it sloped? If sloped just how steep is the grade? Is it too steep that it will prevent you from extending the home in the future if you wanted to? is it too steep for kids to play safely out in the backyard? These should definitely be put into consideration.
  5. Natural Light – A home with lots of natural light will boost your mood and help to reduce your stress levels. Try to attend the same open house at different times in the day to see how the natural light comes into the house at various times. This can help you decide if the house has enough natural light to meet your preferences. Pay attention to window sizes and their placement as well as it relates to core areas of the home where you know you and your family will spend a lot of their time.
  6. The length and width of the driveway is another set of measurements you should ask about.  You want to ensure that your cars will be able to fit and you maybe want a shorter driveway so there is less shoveling to do during the winter months.
  7. Street Parking – You will want to consider this especially if you are considering purchasing a home in the city. There are rules for street parking that may make it hard for family members to visit or which may prove expensive for you over time if your household is a multicar household and you don’t have enough garage and driveway space for all vehicles.
  8. Laundry Room – the laundry room is the hub of most houses and you want to ensure that it is located in an area of the house that is easy to access and provides you with enough space to get your laundry done. Remember a chore can feel so much lighter when the home is properly laid out and you have enough space to carry out the chore.
  9. Number of Bathrooms – This is of more importance for those who have children or are planning to have children. Mornings can be hectic and with everybody trying to get out the door you want to ensure that you are not selling your self-short by choosing a house with fewer bathrooms that you need.
  10. How Close are Your Neighbors? – This, of course, is a personal choice but sometimes you get so caught up inside the house and the with the staging that you forget to pay attention to the outdoor space. Look at how far or near your neighbors are and consider how close you would like them to be for comfort.

If you have been going from open house to open house and still can’t find the house of your dreams. Get in touch with our team and let us help you make your dream come true with a custom home designed to meet your needs and to meet your budget. Call Us and set up a consultation appointment today!

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10 Maintenance Tips For Your First Home

by Bevony on 11 February 2019 Comments Off on 10 Maintenance Tips For Your First Home

So you’ve bought your first home and you are ready to move in. You already picked out your furniture, the walls are all painted and the house has that fresh new smell. You can’t wait to start living your life in this hard-earned asset. But let’s stick a pin right there!

This new home is not always going to be in tip-top shape, the only way it stays in the beautiful condition it is in now is if you and your family take care of it. Yes maintaining your new home is a very important part of home ownership. It helps to keep the value of your home while it ensures that you get to enjoy your home to the fullest. A well-kept home will always be a comfortable home, a haven, a place you will always look forward to coming home to.

It is especially hard for new homeowners who have never had to perform any home maintenance before. But we are here to help you at SilverBeam Homes. So we have put together this guide of a couple of things you can do, which each just take a couple minutes. Doing these things will ensure your home is kept in the best condition over time.

  1.  Check Crawl Space for Possible Water Leaks – Mold and water damage are no joke matters. Not only are these unsightly and unhealthy but they also diminish the value of your home. you can easily check your crawl space yourself and only need a flashlight. Get into the crawl space and look for changes in color. You also want to touch surfaces feeling for dampness. Check corners and edges and if you find any water you want to call a home inspector right away to assess the damage.
  2. Check Wooden Decks for Moisture – Moisture on your decks will cause rot and water damage. Even decks that have been sealed need to be checked at the beginning of summer. You also want to bear in mind that you should be resealing your deck every two to three years. But before we get to resealing, how do you check? – You do a simple splash test. You should see water beads form to indicated that your sealant is indeed repelling the water, if not, then it is time to reseal.
  3. Check Filters for your HVAC and Furnace – When left unchecked, your filters can become clogged. This will affect the quality of air in your home which can have a negative impact on your health. Clogged filters can also affect the efficiency of these systems leading to higher bills. The best part is this is a task you can do yourself. Simply turn the system off and take the air filters out and examine them. You will be able to see clearly if they are still nice and clean or looked clogged and dirty. If you need to replace them you can easily find a nice replacement at your local hardware store.
  4. Service/Clean Furnace – A furnace not running properly is a huge problem. It can be emitting carbon monoxide which is extremely unsafe for you and your family and it may be using up way too much energy. This is one of those maintenance items that will require you to call a pro. If you don’t know any pros you can call the manufacturer and they can help you find one certified to deal with their products in your area. You will want to have your furnace inspected every fall.
  5. Recaulk the Windows – When your windows are not properly caulked you will have heat loss during winter and be allowing heat in during the summer. Either way, your HVAC system will not be running efficiently and this will increase your utility bills. Check these out at the end of each summer so you know if you need to touch them up before the winter season begins.
  6. Inspect and Cleaning Wood Burning Fireplaces and Chimneys – when you don’t clean your fireplaces and chimneys you are creating a fire hazard. This is another maintenance task that will require you calling a professional. Ensure to have them cleaned every fall prior to the beginning of the fire burning season.
  7. Check Toilet Seals – you want to do this to ensure that you don’t have any unwanted water leeching into your bathroom. These checks should be done on a yearly basis. You can set up a reminder based on the time you moved into your new home and started using the home full time. Set the reminder to remind you to check these at the end of the first year and set it to recur yearly at around the same time.
  8. Check Bath Tub Caulk – These should be checked in the same way as you will check your toilet seals. You could make the reminder so that it includes checking the bath tub caulk as well as the toilet seals.
  9. Clean Gutters and Drains – If you don’t clean these you may end up with water backing up and entering the foundation, the crawl space or the roof of your house. This is something you can check by yourself. You will need a ladder to check the gutters and please be careful as you do this. If you can’t do these checks yourself then you can go ahead and hire a professional. You can do these checks yearly or you can check twice yearly if you live in a heavily wooded area where there are more chances for debris to be on your roof and end up in your drains.
  10. Clean Garbage Disposal – Inside the drain of your garbage disposal can get stinky and you can even get waste particles collecting on the blades. This is an easy maintenance task that even your kids can help you with. Let the kids throw some vinegar into an ice tray and let that set in the freezer. You will now throw the vinegar cubes into the garbage disposal and turn it on. the ice will help to clean the blades and the vinegar will get rid of any bad scents that are accumulating inside the drain. You can do this two to three times per year or more if you use your garbage disposal a whole lot.

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