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Worst Deterioration in 41 Years Reported in Canada’s Housing Affordability

by Bevony on 22 August 2022 Comments Off on Worst Deterioration in 41 Years Reported in Canada’s Housing Affordability
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The second quarter of 2022 has taken a new shift to the worse, according to a new report. Housing affordability is now at its worst in 41 years. The report in question was published last Tuesday by the National Bank Financial Markets. 

The information from the report shows data for 10 housing markets. Affordability was gauged by calculating a mortgage payment as a percentage of income. This compares the average home’s mortgage payment to the median income.  

Housing prices were rising in the second quarter, while affordability was deteriorating. While this was going on, mortgage interest rates were rising. The median home price across the areas in the report was at $810,985 in 2022’s second quarter. For a home of that type, the typical mortgage payment would be $4,166. This reflects an MPPI rate increase of 63.9%. This is the highest it has ever been since 1981. 

The increase from the previous quarter is 10.4% points, which is coming from 19.1% in the previous year. The average MPPI rate has been 40.7 % since 2000. There are a couple of the urban areas included in the study that have MPPI rates that are higher than 90%. 

What The Numbers Look Like in Different Areas

The MPPI here for non-condo homes was 121.2%. Condos has a MPPI of 51%. The combined MPPI is 96.9%. 

The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, and they showed similar numbers. The MPPI for here is 95.6%, with non-condos having an MPPI of 102.5% for non-condos and 52.9% for condos. 

In Toronto, the MPPI for non condos is 98.2%, whereas for condos it is 53.3%. The combined MPPI for the Greater Toronto is thereby 91%. 

In Hamilton, the statistics are close to the national Canadian average. MPI rates were 50.1% for condos and 71.1% for non-condos. 

Middle of the Pack

Montreal has a non condo MPPI of 50.1% and 33.9% for condos. 

Ottawa-Gatineau saw a 50.9% rate for non condo homes and 28.6% for condos. 

The Most Affordable Places to Buy a Home in Canada 

Quebec City and the Prairies are proving to offer the most affordable housing markets in Canada, according to the report. 

In Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Quebec City, the numbers are between 30 and 37 percent for non-condos. For condos, the MPPI’s are around 15 to 29%.  

Recent slowdown in the housing market is good news for those who are looking to purchase a home. This is because housing affordability is forecasted by the bank to improve, with a 10% decline in the price of homes in the coming months. There is also the benchmark that five-year mortgage rate stabilization will help to improve affordability before the end of 2022. 

BevonyWorst Deterioration in 41 Years Reported in Canada’s Housing Affordability