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West End Vancouver

by Bevony on 3 July 2019 Comments Off on West End Vancouver

West End Vancouver can be found between downtown and Stanley Park. This urban village is very densely populated and is one of Vancouver’s most diverse communities. Here is where the first visitors and newcomers usually end up whenever they visit Vancouver.

West End History

The history of the area dates back to 1862 when the area was heavily forested. The land was purchased by three English prospectors known by locals as “the Three Greenhorns”. They were known as this because it was thought that they paid too much money for the land. The original intention of these gentlemen was to set up a brickworks. As such, the area was named Brickmaker’s Claim and then the name was changed to New Liverpool. After which the gentlemen sold their claim to John McDougall who later developed lots.

The potential of the area started to become recognized in 1888 and therefore the city became the first upscale neighborhood. It was home to a number of rich families thanks to the terminus that was built at Coal Harbour by CPR.

The Modern West End is a very thriving neighborhood with plenty of restaurants, shopping, bar, and inclusivity.  Therefore, you will have access to parks, beaches, and Seawall. The area is famous for artwork such as the Inukshuk statue which was the inspiration behind the Paralympic and Olympic of 2010 Logo. The town is also known for the Giant Laughing Statues that can be found in Morton Park which is a very popular tourist attraction. The West End is home to the first rainbow crosswalk in all of Canada.

The community continues to grow with people wanting to live in an inclusive neighborhood which allows them to drive less for a commute. The area is known for its big community feel with many people indicating that once they moved there they felt they were home. You will find people even move away and still indicate that West End is the only place that ever felt like home for them.

Living in The West End

The West End is a very dense neighborhood with an approximate population of around 45,000 people. Approximately 50% of the population here is between 20 and 39 years old. 34% of the population is between the 40 and 64 age bracket and then there are the seniors which make up for around 13% of the population while the remaining 6% are under 19 years old.

According to, the West End has the most affordable apartments when compared to other communities downtowns such as Gastown, Coal Harbour, and Yaletown.

Working in The West End

The West End is very close to Vancouver’s downtown and the banking district. As such it is a great place for persons who work in finance. Of course, there are many other options for work as there are many restaurants, bars, and cages making work in the food and beverage industry very popular as well.

Dining in The West End

The West End is known for being fast-paced when it comes to change. There are new restaurants and bars opening up on a very rapid scale. Some are being replaced while others are changing their branding, adding to their offerings to make the dining experience a more versatile and varied one. You can find local food, seafood, French-Japanese fusion. English food, Korean and so much more.

Shopping in The West End

Robson Street is one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists alike. You can find a busy hive of shops and restaurants on Denman Street and Robson Public Market offers a vast variety of international food, wine, produce and more.

Playing in The West End

Davie and Denman are areas of the West End that are always buzzing with locals and with tourists. The neighborhood gets very hype during the Vancouver Pride Festival and during the Celebration of Light which is a summer fireworks competition. The Vancouver Sun Run is hosted in the West End annually when people run in the streets. This is a car-free day.

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