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Using Plants to Transform Your Space

by Bevony on 10 March 2021 Comments Off on Using Plants to Transform Your Space

There has been a rise in demand for exotic plants in recent times. With travel restrictions everywhere, people are trying to be creative about making their homes more exotic. And so the market for lush, tropical houseplants has opened up. Think plants with big shiny leaves – the type of plant that can transform any space easily.

This transformation is appealing to many of us as we are now spending so much time at home, and would really appreciate a change. Exotic plants add so much texture and scale to a space that it really makes a huge difference to bring even one statement plant into your space. When you place one of these plants in a room they cannot go unnoticed as they are very eye catching. They have a lot of personality and are obvious so the change will not be a subtle one. 

Plants are so magical, they can add a feeling of renewal as well as they can add life. They are constantly changing so you never feel stagnant. This is great for apartment dwellers who cannot have a garden of any sort. 

How to Place Your Plants for Maximum Impact

Place your plants in an intimate corner such as a reading corner or in a corner of your home office. This offers a natural way for you to add a touch of personality to your space.  

Make sure you select the right pot size and do some research on the care and maintenance of the plant you choose. You don’t want to overwater them and cause root rot. Once you have root rot, you won’t be able to recover the plant. 

Another common mistake first time plant parents make is to place their plants in direct sunlight by a window causing their leaves to burn. That is not ideal, you want them to be getting enough light, but maybe not so much a full day of direct sunlight. Now after reading that you may think that you should move the plants around. This is another no-no, you don’t want to move the plants around too much, you want them to get used to their surroundings. 

Allergies and Exotic Plants

When purchasing exotic plants you want to tell the person you are purchasing from if you have any allergies. You will also want to ask about the possibility of poisonous plants especially if you have pets or small children at home. An experienced seller can help you find the safest exotic plants for your family and your lifestyle needs. 

Qualities of Plants

Plants are givers, and among their giving qualities is the ability to provide help with mental wellbeing. Plants are natural insecticides, they help to absorb noise, and they produce oxygen. 

If you have never had an exotic plant you want to consider first the space in which you will make its home in your home. Check out the maintenance necessary for the plants you choose and be realistic about what you can manage. And finally, when it comes down to selecting your pot, make sure it goes with your decor. 

BevonyUsing Plants to Transform Your Space