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Simple Solutions for Decluttering Your Home

by Bevony on 13 October 2019 Comments Off on Simple Solutions for Decluttering Your Home
You can achieve a well put together home, it all starts with decluttering and purging.

If you want to organize your home better, the first place to start is with cleaning your home; purging and decluttering. There is no magic bullet, and no magic storage solution to help you get your whole house together. You will have to get rid of some of your stuff and will need to change your behaviors that led to your home being a disorganized mess in the first place.

Storage solutions help, and if you don’t have any of those then you should consider a few. Before you go purchasing storage solutions you won’t be able to use, ensure they meet the design needs of your space and the items you wish to store in them. You will not lose when you choose from basic storage items that are built with function and esthetics. Items such as shoe racks, coat hooks, umbrella stands – these products are often overlooked but can make a big difference in completing a room.

The KonMari method has gained a lot of popularity and as such more and more people are considering cleaning their homes and clearing out stuff. It is the best way to go about organizing your home for the better. You want to do this before you start buying more things to help you organize. You can throw things out, donate some and recycle others. But your first step should always be minimizing and discarding. Once you are reduced your items, it will be easier to organize the remainder of stuff.

Say Not To Storage Facilities

One of the things that professional organizers advise is that you don’t put your stuff into storage. When you place your things into storage, you are not in effect dealing with it. They will then stay there and collect dust while you pay to keep them out of sight. But if you aren’t using them anyway, why not give them up? Be honest about the amount of space you have and look at the reasons behind your attachment to your stuff.

Do a walk through in your home. In each room, identify six things that you can’t do without in that room and start reducing the rest. Space is a luxury so if you are losing space you need to act now. Many people are now living in smaller spaces because of budgetary constraints so more modular items are better options. These not only can help save space but can also be dual-purpose items and can be used from room to room.

If you are living in a small space and have limited storage you may consider choosing furniture that has storage built-in. so beds with drawers, or sofas that have storage space beneath their cushions. You can also opt for storage containers that can fit into your peculiar corners and under stairways etc.

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