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Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

by Bevony on 22 July 2020 Comments Off on Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist
Home Maintenance tips

Getting your home and yard into tip-top shape this summer will be easier than ever. Here’s everything you need to know and do. 

With every new season, there is a new set of maintenance tasks to take care of for your home. With summer here, you want to take the necessary steps to prepare your home and yard now before it gets too hot. Get as much done now so you don’t have to be doing outdoor maintenance tasks in the summer’s heat. 

There’s a lot to do, you need to check out that Air conditioning Unit or system and may even want to hang a clothesline. With heat and cooling costs increasing you can save by drying clothes outdoors. And if none of those apply to you, keep reading, you’re sure to find something. Let’s dig in!

Check Detectors

Your home may have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You want to check these to see if they are working properly. Check batteries for lifespan and make changes if necessary. 

Check Cooling Systems

Your fans and air conditioners are about to be hit with their heaviest workload of the year. Ensure they are up for the task by giving them a check. If you don’t have AC units you may be able to easily install some window units or portable units yourself. If you have a central air conditioning unit you will need to have the unit professionally serviced. 

Have ceiling fans? Ensure those are clean. They can easily be cleaned with a damp rag. If your ceilings are high you can get a fan duster or other fan cleaning tool that will help you get to hard-to reach fan blades. 

Install Outdoor Clothesline

Now is a great time to give your electricity usage a bit of a break. With your use of more cooling devices or lower temperatures, you will be using more electricity. Why not take advantage of the heat outside and let your laundry dry out in the summer sun. Plus air-dried sheets smell the best!

Clean that Outdoor Grill/Cooker

Your cooker needs a deep clean before all those backyard barbecues this summer. Always check the manufacturer’s guide before you start. Here are some simple tips for cleaning your cooker. 

Gas Grills: turn your grill on, with the heat on high. With the lid closed, allow the grill to cook for around 30 minutes. Allow the grill to cool, then get your grill brush and brush away any debris. Wipe down the outside of the unit with a damp cloth or sponge along with a suitable cleanser and get rid of any dirt, gunk, or dust on drip pans appropriately. 

Charcoal Grills: Empty out your grill and wipe away any ashy residue you find. Clean the inside with hot water and some dishwashing soap and a scrub sponge or brush. Allow the grill to dry before you use it. 

Shine that Porch

Sweep and mop your porch with a surface suitable cleaner. If you have a buildup on the floors you may use a brush to scrub it away. 

Check on Your Deck

Look for signs of rotting on your deck. You also want to look for any nails that are coming loose. Check if your deck needs sealing by sprinkling some water onto the boards. If you see the water beading up then your boards are fine. If the water soaks away right away you have to reseal that deck

Clean Windows

Now is the best time to clean your windows on the outside. 


Now is a great time to add mulch to your garden to keep weeds at bay. This will also help the ground to retain moisture through the summer heat to keep your plants vibrant and looking healthy as they continue to grow. 

Check for Leaks

Check all your hoses and faucets for leaks. A tiny drip can equal lots of water wasted. Even pinhole leaks in hoses can be a problem, but these are easy to mend. For small leaks, a wrap or two of electrical tape should do. For larger leaks, you may need to replace your hose and anything else may require you to get a plumber. 

Primp the Plants

If you have annuals or perennials you will need to deadhead them so that they can remain productive. If you have spring bulbs with visible dead foliage you will need to prune them, so they can have a well-groomed look. But only if their leaves aren’t all green. 

Plan a Timetable for Watering

This is a good time to train your garden so it can endure the harsh, dry days ahead. This also helps you to conserve water. Instead of watering your plants lightly on a daily basis give them a deep watering every couple days. This will help your plants to grow stronger and deeper roots.

Install Doormats

Keep the mud and dirt of summer on the outside by adding doormats at your entry doors. You want to have multiple mats, one coarse one on the outside to catch dirt, and a softer one on the inside. If you live close to the beach you may want to have a bucket, tub, or bottle of water that can be used to wash off sandy feet and sandals before they come into the house. 

There you have it! The 12 things you need to do to get your home summer-ready this year.  What are some of your summer maintenance tips? Share them in the comments section below, we’d love to know what we missed.

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BevonyYour Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look

by Bevony on 17 April 2019 Comments Off on Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look

You can transform your kitchen without paying out a load of money to completely renovate the room. The most cost effective and time effective way to give your kitchen a fresh new look is to reface your kitchen cabinets.

What is Refacing?

When you reface your kitchen you still make use of the existing footprint. You will remove the old drawers and doors and replace them with brand new ones. The visible exterior of the cabinets is covered with a material that will match the material on the doors and drawers/. This way the cabinets in the rest of the kitchen will match your new doors and drawers. You will have a fast turnaround time when you choose professionals to do the work.

While refacing is not new as it has been around and in use for many years, it is now becoming a very popular choice because of the affordability of the option. It is a great option for small and large kitchens alike and the process of refacing can be done with a variety of cabinets as well. Once the cabinet’s main structure is sound structurally the refacing can be done successfully. If your cabinets are not structurally sound then you will have to completely redo them as refacing won’t work for such a situation. In such a case it just makes good sense to get completely new structures and not just simply reface.

Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Refacing experts note that in around 80 percent of cases there is no need to change the footprint of a kitchen. Even kitchens as old as 40 years old will have good solid cabinet structures. And older kitchens can still look more modern with a simple refacing of the cabinet instead of an entire gutting of the old kitchen.

Homeowners are very aware of the affordability and the aesthetic benefits of refacing and so now refacing are increasing. There are many options for homeowners to choose from including wood grain finishes, over 40 matte colors, high gloss colors, and more than 20 different door styles to provide even the most unique taste with something they can love. With so much variety it is easy for homeowners to find a customized refacing solution which is what most homeowners are looking for – a kitchen outside of the cookie cutter closet.

With homeowners value space and organization these days pull out drawers and cabinets are a big hit. Customers can change their drawers and cabinets and can create their dream kitchen without paying the amount it would cost for them to completely re-do their kitchen. Refacing is no longer about simply repainting or refinishing the old doors and putting them back in place. It is about creating a kitchen space that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally meeting the needs of the family that dwells within the house. You can change to soft close hinges, install pot and pan drawers, extend your cabinet boxes, add crown molding and so much more with a modern kitchen refacing.

When you choose your refacing experts they will allow you to choose your colors and style and typically will have the job done in a week if all goes right on your part. More elaborate refacing and changes can make the process longer and also the schedule of the expert you choose will affect how quickly you can have our new kitchen up and running. Most professionals will provide you with a free in-home estimate to include assessments of the current conditions of your cabinets.

Remember that the professionals know what is in style and they know how to meet your needs once you voice those needs to them. Why not talk to experts on refacing today, so you can get your kitchen looking brand new without the price tag of a full-on kitchen renovation.

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BevonyReface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look

10 Maintenance Tips For Your First Home

by Bevony on 11 February 2019 Comments Off on 10 Maintenance Tips For Your First Home

So you’ve bought your first home and you are ready to move in. You already picked out your furniture, the walls are all painted and the house has that fresh new smell. You can’t wait to start living your life in this hard-earned asset. But let’s stick a pin right there!

This new home is not always going to be in tip-top shape, the only way it stays in the beautiful condition it is in now is if you and your family take care of it. Yes maintaining your new home is a very important part of home ownership. It helps to keep the value of your home while it ensures that you get to enjoy your home to the fullest. A well-kept home will always be a comfortable home, a haven, a place you will always look forward to coming home to.

It is especially hard for new homeowners who have never had to perform any home maintenance before. But we are here to help you at SilverBeam Homes. So we have put together this guide of a couple of things you can do, which each just take a couple minutes. Doing these things will ensure your home is kept in the best condition over time.

  1.  Check Crawl Space for Possible Water Leaks – Mold and water damage are no joke matters. Not only are these unsightly and unhealthy but they also diminish the value of your home. you can easily check your crawl space yourself and only need a flashlight. Get into the crawl space and look for changes in color. You also want to touch surfaces feeling for dampness. Check corners and edges and if you find any water you want to call a home inspector right away to assess the damage.
  2. Check Wooden Decks for Moisture – Moisture on your decks will cause rot and water damage. Even decks that have been sealed need to be checked at the beginning of summer. You also want to bear in mind that you should be resealing your deck every two to three years. But before we get to resealing, how do you check? – You do a simple splash test. You should see water beads form to indicated that your sealant is indeed repelling the water, if not, then it is time to reseal.
  3. Check Filters for your HVAC and Furnace – When left unchecked, your filters can become clogged. This will affect the quality of air in your home which can have a negative impact on your health. Clogged filters can also affect the efficiency of these systems leading to higher bills. The best part is this is a task you can do yourself. Simply turn the system off and take the air filters out and examine them. You will be able to see clearly if they are still nice and clean or looked clogged and dirty. If you need to replace them you can easily find a nice replacement at your local hardware store.
  4. Service/Clean Furnace – A furnace not running properly is a huge problem. It can be emitting carbon monoxide which is extremely unsafe for you and your family and it may be using up way too much energy. This is one of those maintenance items that will require you to call a pro. If you don’t know any pros you can call the manufacturer and they can help you find one certified to deal with their products in your area. You will want to have your furnace inspected every fall.
  5. Recaulk the Windows – When your windows are not properly caulked you will have heat loss during winter and be allowing heat in during the summer. Either way, your HVAC system will not be running efficiently and this will increase your utility bills. Check these out at the end of each summer so you know if you need to touch them up before the winter season begins.
  6. Inspect and Cleaning Wood Burning Fireplaces and Chimneys – when you don’t clean your fireplaces and chimneys you are creating a fire hazard. This is another maintenance task that will require you calling a professional. Ensure to have them cleaned every fall prior to the beginning of the fire burning season.
  7. Check Toilet Seals – you want to do this to ensure that you don’t have any unwanted water leeching into your bathroom. These checks should be done on a yearly basis. You can set up a reminder based on the time you moved into your new home and started using the home full time. Set the reminder to remind you to check these at the end of the first year and set it to recur yearly at around the same time.
  8. Check Bath Tub Caulk – These should be checked in the same way as you will check your toilet seals. You could make the reminder so that it includes checking the bath tub caulk as well as the toilet seals.
  9. Clean Gutters and Drains – If you don’t clean these you may end up with water backing up and entering the foundation, the crawl space or the roof of your house. This is something you can check by yourself. You will need a ladder to check the gutters and please be careful as you do this. If you can’t do these checks yourself then you can go ahead and hire a professional. You can do these checks yearly or you can check twice yearly if you live in a heavily wooded area where there are more chances for debris to be on your roof and end up in your drains.
  10. Clean Garbage Disposal – Inside the drain of your garbage disposal can get stinky and you can even get waste particles collecting on the blades. This is an easy maintenance task that even your kids can help you with. Let the kids throw some vinegar into an ice tray and let that set in the freezer. You will now throw the vinegar cubes into the garbage disposal and turn it on. the ice will help to clean the blades and the vinegar will get rid of any bad scents that are accumulating inside the drain. You can do this two to three times per year or more if you use your garbage disposal a whole lot.

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Bevony10 Maintenance Tips For Your First Home