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Transforming Your Family Home into An Empty Nest

by Bevony on 4 December 2019 Comments Off on Transforming Your Family Home into An Empty Nest

When all your kids are gone, we understand you want to update your home to make it more you. For many there is the option of selling and finding a new home. For others, this route will be riddled with too many obstacles. If you are the latter, you can transform your current home into a home that reflects who you are at this stage of life. And you can get it done with a bit of renovation and restoration.

Bidding farewell to your adult children can bring on a number of emotions. You may be excited, you may be sad and there may be days when you fluctuate between the two. Most people ponder on what they are going to be doing with all this space after their adult kids leave. 

Statistics show that a large majority of aging Canadians are opting to renovate their homes instead of moving. Let’s face it, moving can be a lot more expensive than renovating. We think that is the main factor driving all these renovations for aging Canadians finding themselves with an empty nest. Not only is it less expensive, but it also less daunting and provides less stress on homeowners. Many homeowners can see grandkids in their future if they don’t already have them. Staying in their current home allows the grandkids their own space when they come over to visit as well.

Renovating a Dated Home

For many empty nesters, their home has become very dated. This allows them the opportunity to finally get some modern touches added to their home. They can now have space for the grandkids and can have room for entertaining their friends and other family members.

The Kitchen

The most common place to start any renovation is in the kitchen. This is typically the hub of most homes and so it will be the first place that a homeowner wants to update. This gives the homeowner a chance to get modern appliances that may offer more convenience especially when homeowners have limited mobility. Modern appliances can help to boost their confidence as they may be able to get more done with these newer and innovative pieces.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another popular room high on the list of renovating when a homeowner is doing renovations. A master bath that meets the needs of aging homeowners can also help to boost their confidence and help them to maintain their independence while ensuring they are safe in their homes.


Children’s empty bedrooms ( well at least 1) can be turned into a home office. A room can also be opened and used to expand a master bedroom or bathroom which can provide added space which aging parents could use later on if/when they have problems with mobility.

It is a great idea to renovate your empty nest instead of moving. Make wise decisions, think about the long term and your needs for the future. Consider the widening of doorways and installing cabinets that allow for easy accessibility. For bathrooms, you want to consider installing curbless shower entry and forego the use of polished tile. Consider a shower instead of a tub or shower/tub combination.

Remember, if you are going to be in your empty nest for the rest of your life, the renovations could really add up depending on the number of changes that need to be made and based on your needs. 

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BevonyTransforming Your Family Home into An Empty Nest