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Strata Councils Demanding Vaccine Disclosure

by Bevony on 24 September 2021 Comments Off on Strata Councils Demanding Vaccine Disclosure

Condo residents are finding themselves in the conundrum of being asked to provide their vaccination status to their strata council. Councils requiring this information are insisting the information is needed as a safety measure. But there are concerns with privacy. Who will be seeing this information? What will they be doing with this information? How will this information be collected? What plans are put into place to ensure the information stays safe? 

Here at SilverBeam Homes, we cannot speak to the extent of your rights as a condo owner in a situation such as this. What we know is that based on the current trajectory of the pandemic, we will all be subject to new laws and regulations.  The only way for some of us to avoid this is to move out of condo spaces and into single family homes where there is no strata council.  

Owning a Single Family Home Vs Living in an Owned Condo

When you own your own home you may have restrictions according to where you live and according to your HomeOwners Association if there is one. But you don’t have the larger body of a strata council coming down on you. This is because you are not living in an arrangement with shared public spaces.

No one will be interested in seeing your BC vaccine card. Because you won’t be in a situation at home where you are in breach of any of the social distancing guidelines. For example, at an indoor organized event with more than 50 people, you would be required to show your vaccine card. But of course, you won’t be hosting such events in your backyard, so there would be no need. These types of events may be held at a condo. It is a common area, so we can understand why the council would talk about the safety issue.  

Staring into The Unknown 

There will be changes for those living in condos and other types of multi-housing communities. Eventually strata councils will make amendments to their privacy bylaws that may permit the collection of vaccine card information. If you don’t already own a condo, maybe you should reconsider your position. If you are concerned about your rights and safety. Consider working with us to build you the home of your dreams from the ground up. We are in the business of making your dream of owning a home a reality. We work with a team of experts and have a number of partners from every possible industry. With us, you make your transition into owning a home; a smooth one. 

Give us a call today and let’s talk about what we can accomplish together. 

BevonyStrata Councils Demanding Vaccine Disclosure