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Sleepy Salmo – The Affordable Housing Market Alternative

by Bevony on 30 November 2022 Comments Off on Sleepy Salmo – The Affordable Housing Market Alternative

Residents of British Columbia have been moving to Salmo in their search for more affordable homes. This small mountain village can be found on the interior of B.C., and has property values below $500,000. 

Salmo has always been that small town that you drive by without noticing. It’s not on any of the main highways in the province, so it is easy to overlook. It sits on one of Canada’s highest mountain passes. But the highway is always open. The location is out of the way, with an 8 hour drive from Vancouver or Calgary. 

Salmo homes have always been on the more affordable side, and the town was not spared. The increases brought on by the pandemic. Still, many young families are finding their way to the village to get into the real estate market. 

Comparing Salmo Prices with the Surrounding Areas

Prices increased in surrounding areas like Nelson and Trail. These cities saw their first million dollar homes during the pandemic. However, the prices are still remarkably lower than the more mainstream areas in British Columbia. 

Residents of Salmo have to drive to Trail or Nelson in search of well-priced groceries and clothing. But the community on a whole is very supportive, and you can find ways to make up for the inconveniences. 

Salmo is not only attracting local individuals. It is attracting people from Vancouver Island City seeking their first property. Salmo is a good choice, since you can find homes at the $300,000 price point. 

Salmo’s Reaction

The Mayor welcomes newcomers and tries to personally meet every single person who moves into town. She also went on to note that while people are coming over to make Salmo their home, the town isn’t necessarily growing, since young people are leaving for College and most often stay away after finishing school.  

People in town note they see a change in the culture. There is a stronger presence of young artists. 

The downside is there aren’t a lot of houses being built in Salmo. So the supply could dry up and what will this mean for the growth of the small town? Also, what will it mean for those who want to return to their original home after college? 

BevonySleepy Salmo – The Affordable Housing Market Alternative