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Rustic Scandinavian Meets Japanese – Enter Japandi Decor

by Bevony on 2 September 2021 Comments Off on Rustic Scandinavian Meets Japanese – Enter Japandi Decor

Fusion decor is a thing, much like fusion cuisine. Japanid is one of the latest design trends being shared on Pinterest and more social networks. Japan and Scandinavia have distinctive esthetics. Scandinavian design tends to be more rustic with a love of white walls and cool color palettes. Japanese on the other hand like to have furniture low to the floor with minimal separation between outside and indoor areas. They also use warmer colors contracting with black accents. 

Even though they seem very different they do have similarities. For example, they both favor minimalist decor, natural finishes such as bamboo and wood and functional furniture. 

What is Japandi?

Japandi features the sleekness of Japanese design along with the rustic design you can expect from the Nordic side. Consider white walls and warm wooden furniture with touches of black. Sliding doors, seat cushions, modular sofa, windowsill benches and low daybeds all abound. The Japanese side brings in elegant greenery, lots of natural light. 

The aim of this decor fusion is to be warm and bring comfort. This allows people to be soothed by their surroundings and not overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter and loud colors. 

Home has been re-established as the center of the universe for so many of us now that we have to be spending most of our time at home. It is now a hub for working, schooling and so much more. So there is a lot of demand on your home to function in multiple ways not previously required of it. Garden centers are booming unlike most businesses as more people are becoming plant parents. 

Japandi is a representation of this new mindset. In our fast paced marketplace Japandi emphasizes people purchasing high quality pieces that are sustainable. The fusion appreciates things that are made by hand, especially those made with Bamboo since it is so sustainable and highly durable. 

Japandi is quite appealing for those who love eco-friendly products. 

How to Do Japandi

Pull for the coziness of Scandinavian design with softer pieces and warmer textures. Then pull for the elegance of Japanese decor. You want to choose pieces that will work with your decor for many years. Remember that Japandi is not so much about decoration but about functionality. So you will need to look at it as a longer term fix.You want to start with basics that can accept layering over time. 

Traditional Scandinavian and Japanese pieces are known to age well and even get better over time. Think of natural stone, wood and leather. 

What are your thoughts on this decor fusion? Let us know down in the comments if you will be incorporating Japandi elements into your home. 

BevonyRustic Scandinavian Meets Japanese – Enter Japandi Decor