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Lighting Your Home for Health and Wellbeing

by Bevony on 20 January 2021 Comments Off on Lighting Your Home for Health and Wellbeing

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for us all. But one thing that is true is that we are all trying to now more than ever stay on top of our health and wellbeing. New data suggests that the lighting in our homes can help us with that. And isn’t that a really simple and easy place to start?

The most thought we give to home lighting is how it looks. How often do we consider how something will make us feel before we purchase it? When it comes to lighting or anything else we bring into our homes for that matter, we ought to think about how it will make us feel.

There are multiple studies that indicate that our lighting has an impact on our health. One such study reviewed lighting in buildings on a whole and not just our homes. But this information is pertinent to the type of lighting that we choose for our homes.

What Should Lighting Do for Us

Our brains and our internal body clocks are affected by light. The lighting around us signals to our body the time of day it is and even affects us on a cellular level. So you really want your lighting to sync up with the time of day, both in color and intensity.

When the sun goes down our bodies start releasing melatonin that helps us to fall asleep. If we are exposed to too much light after sunset, then our bodies won’t kick in that hormone, then our brains get confused with day and nighttime.

Choosing Lighting

Your ceiling height is a major determining factor in the type of lighting you choose. If your ceilings are 9 feet above or more you can use pendant lights. For anything lower than that you want to use flush mounting. Flush mount lights are good because they are very versatile. They will work well in casual settings as well as in formal interiors.

You will also want to install ambient light in some rooms such as your home office. Just ensure you install dimmers to work alongside. Don’t forget to use LED lighting options to save energy and keep more money inside your pockets!

Building a home? Let us do the work for you, we can do everything and all you need to do is pick the lighting fixtures!

BevonyLighting Your Home for Health and Wellbeing