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House Framing Basics 

by Bevony on 30 April 2022 Comments Off on House Framing Basics 

What is called “framing” in residential construction is also known as light frame construction. The technique uses vertical components to create a stable frame for both interior and exterior walls. The length of the floor, as well as between walls or beams, you will find horizontal elements called joists. These joists will provide support to the floors and ceilings. 

The method of choice for most construction projects today is platform framing. This is where each story of a building is framed on top of the one before it. The first floor is used as the platform that supports the construction of the next floor. This is advantageous, because it creates a stable surface for construction crews to work on. 

As builders, this gives us the opportunity to make use of dimensioned lumber, which is unlike those used in older methods. Older methods used pieces of wood that were longer and had more natural cuts. 

Platform Framing 

This is the most common type of framing used in modern residential buildings. One story platforms are framed with 8 or 9 foot stud walls that rest along your subfloor. Each additional story of the building will be framed next, before moving to a higher level. It is used for one and two story houses and is now the standard for building in the contemporary home. Why? 

Three Different Reasons:

  1. Shorter pieces of lumber, since longer studs will prove more expensive and will be harder to source.  
  2. There are breaks in the studs from one level to the next, which create natural firebreaks. 
  3. The next floor is always built on a solid surface, and so this ensures that the work environment is safe and structurally sound. 

Framing is one of the typical things you will find on the blueprint of a home these days. If you are in the market for building your own home. We have all the expertise in framing and all related to constructing homes. Give us a call and let us get you home.  

Framing Components 

Here are the common framing components used in every part of a house. 

The Floor 

  • Joists – These framing components run horizontally along the length of the floor. They are the base of the support for the home’s floor and serve as the base that the wall panels will be attached to. They are covered with subflooring, which in most cases is derived from plywood. 
  • Truss – This is made of 2 x 4 or 2 x 3 pieces of lumber, which are connected to metal plates. A truss can take one of a number of configurations. Essentially though, the truss creates a stable web that supports the floor while also resisting bouncing. 
  • Sheathing – this is another name for the subfloor. This panel is fastened to the floor and carries the loads to the floor joists

Framing can seem complex with all its different elements. But, a frame is one of the most important steps when it comes to building a home. It gives your home a sturdy base and frame, and allows room for you to lay all electric, mechanical and plumbing things in place.         

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