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Desjardins Latest Report – Vancouver Housing Market Correction Underway

by Bevony on 17 June 2022 Comments Off on Desjardins Latest Report – Vancouver Housing Market Correction Underway
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Seems each week a new report comes out, giving us hope about the housing market. And the most Desjardins report is in favor of a housing correction on the horizon. Their report covers what the future can look like, as well as how the Vancouver market may change. 

Like many other parts of Canada right now, it has become cheaper to live outside of a city. According to the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA), there is an increase in home prices across the province. The places seeing more of an increase include 

  • Powell River 
  • Northern British Columbia
  • Chilliwack
  • Vancouver Island 
  • Kamloops

The suggestion by Desjardins is that whatever goes up must come back down. And so they expect to see a correction of the housing market in short order. They caution though that there is no need to panic, as the price drops won’t be enough to be considered a collapse of the housing market. You can read up on their Canadian Residential Real Estate Outlook

When Bank of Canada Hiked Interest Rates

Before the interest rate hikes brought on by the Bank of Canada, there was a rush of people trying to purchase homes. Then when the costs of borrowing rose, many potential homeowners no longer wanted or could afford to purchase. This helped to quell the Canadian housing market somewhat. The rise in borrowing costs may even go up further, predicts Desjardins, as depicted by their graph below. 

Expectations for the Near Future

It is expected that housing prices will fall by about 15% in BC by the end of the year 2023. This estimated fall will still not match how much house prices rose during the pandemic. 

With renewed international immigration, Vancouver is expected to reap some positive results to the housing market. This is because the immigration will limit how hard the market correction hits. Interprovincial migration also plays a small factor, though it appears to affect other provinces more drastically than other provinces.

National average increases saw existing homes rising approximately $530,000 in price towards the end of 2019. At its peak in February 2022, this increase was a bit over $790,000, which is equivalent to a 50% increase in the span of just two years. 

In previous months, we have seen prices falling all across Canada, and they have fallen fast as well. In March, we saw a slide of 2.6%, and in April it was down by 3.8%. Even the prices of existing homes have dropped. In March, those declined by 5.9%, and then in April they went down a whopping 12.6%.  

Trends in Different Provinces

Every province sees a different trend, but those provinces that saw the biggest increases during the pandemic will likely see the largest corrections. There is however no expectation for prices to fall below what they were pre-Covid. 

We are by no means calling two months of data a trend, but we think this is a solid indication that the Canadian housing market is now at an inflection point. 

And of course, purchasing an existing home is not the only way to homeownership. Here at Silverbeam Homes, we can help you build your dream home. If you can’t find what you need in the current housing market, give us a call and let’s work it out.  

BevonyDesjardins Latest Report – Vancouver Housing Market Correction Underway