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Cement Shortage Puts Pressure on the Construction Industry

by Bevony on 29 July 2022 Comments Off on Cement Shortage Puts Pressure on the Construction Industry

The construction industry and companies like SilverBeam Homes are currently pressured by the cement shortage. 

Cement, a necessary ingredient for concrete, currently in short supply, so we are seeing delays piling up. We are not the only ones behind right now. While we are waiting on deliveries, other like companies and providers are waiting too. 

When concrete contractors can’t keep up with the supply, we can’t get the tools we need to continue our construction projects. We have schedules to meet, and these delays impact our scheduled deliverables to our clients. 

What Is the Cause of the Concrete Shortage?

The ready mixed concrete Association of Ontario indicates that the culprits are:

  1. Increased prices
  2. Increased demand 
  3. Labor shortages

With many cement plants having equipment breakdowns and malfunctions, there has been a disruption in supply. Some plants saw these issues in the beginning of July, causing projects to be delayed and some even canceled. 

With production slowed, it has been hard for us to stay up to task. With the issues of finding concrete, our project costs can change, which no customer wants to hear right now. The worst part, it seems we are still in the early stages of the shortage. 

BevonyCement Shortage Puts Pressure on the Construction Industry